If there is one truth in life, it is this - receiving flowers makes you feel awesome. So does sending flowers, but traditionally the price tag that comes with performing this good deed is a hefty one, averaging a hundred bucks a pop.

Here's how we run our flower show - we hit the Sydney Flower Markets three times a week at 5am. We chat to the growers there about what's in season, how freezing it is, who got voted out on The Bachelor, then we get the creative juices flowing and mix and match the prettiest blooms to create the posy of the day which we'll deliver for $28.

It might be Tulips, it might be Natives, it might be Mini bloody Pineapples - all we know for sure is that it will be a beauty. Offering the one lovely option means that every single flower we buy from the markets is going to a new home that day so don't have to subsidise any wastage. We run a viable business, you get to send a bargain bunch of super fresh, long-lasting blooms - wins all round.

High five.